Baby Group!

So I did a thing😂 I struggle with social things due to my anxiety especially since having R but I’ve come a long way since having him.. I actually got the courage to go to a baby group with him which may not seem much but to me it was a huge achievement!

It was surprisingly really good. We laid on the different material mats and they had loads of sensory toys out. We even got to make a 2019 calendar with R’s little feet😍 then right at the end, we all sat in a circle with our babies and a parachute singing nursery rhymes, it was so cute.

The ladies running it said that we make something with their feet every week and the hour that we was there went by so quick, we’re definitely returning next week! Hopefully we’ll be able to make some mummy and baby friends for when J isn’t here especially with him leaving in April for 4 months.

I’m so proud of myself for being able to achieve this, a good start to 2019💙

Cadie xoxo


Morphe Haul

With Christmas and New Year, come the sales and the biggest sale (other than baby stuff) that I was looking forward to is Morphe! I have nearly all their palettes and I got some of their eyeshadow brushes for Christmas but went for a ‘casual’ nosy on the website..

I discovered that they had a special offer on the 35R Ready, Set, Gold palette which is one of the few I didn’t have! The offer was it was £15 instead of £23 so of course I had to buy it. And as any standard person, I didn’t want to pay the shipping and had to find something for £5 to get it for free.. so I threw in two of my favourite brushes, a shading and a blending which I was in desperate need of new ones.

Side note: the background is R’s baby changing mat, I do apologise, I got so excited to show you all🙄

I’m not swatching yet because it’s sooo pretty and I don’t have an excuse or time to use it yet but hopefully I’ll be able to get some looks done to show you!

I love Morphe palettes because there’s always such a good range of colours, the quality is lush and I’m not allergic to it so bonus points! The brushes are the best I’ve used yet and it’s affordable too! J, family and friends nearly always get me something Morphe for Christmas/Birthdays. I actually got 3 palettes for Christmas🙄

What’s your favourite makeup brand and why?

Cadie xoxo


Happy 2019!!

J’s just been called into work a day early so that’s goodbye until Friday, yay. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for our soldiers but I hate being basically married to the army because I’m with him. I love J and wouldn’t change him for the world but his job? His job can duck off🙃

I did have a nice happy new year post planned until he got called into work just before we was about to get into bed and cuddle because we all feel a bit crap but obviously that went reaaaaal well. I don’t know the point in this blog post, I guess I just need to get it out!

Can already tell 2019 is gonna be fab and another year of hardly seeing J with a 5 month deployment on the horizon too. So 2019 can duck off too.

On a brighter note, we had an amazing time last night as my parents kindly looked after R so we could have a meal and a few drinks and I finally got my New Years kiss with a proper person that aren’t my female friends (don’t ask).

I hope your 2019’s have started better than mine and are going to be better.. if anyone has any tips to deal with this mess, please please throw them my way!!

Cadie xoxo

12th Day of Blogmas: Recap and Resolutions

It’s that time of the year again, time for a new year to start all over.

2018 was the best and worst year of my life. I got engaged, J didn’t get deployed (!), I moved into our first family home, I had R and have made some amazing memories so far.

But with all the ups, there were so many downs it’s unbelievable.. Having R resulted in me being unemployed and having to budget to the max. My mental health has dropped to the lowest I have ever been in my life and at times, R was the only thing keeping me going which I’m so thankful for my baby boy. We’ve lost family members, lost a close friend, fallen out with family, had to fall out with ‘friends’ and cut so many people out because I didn’t want toxic part time people in my family’s life. Struggling to get to grips with actually having a tiny human depend on me for EVERYTHING and constantly worrying if I’m being a good Mum and if he’s healthy and happy, it’s exhausting but at the same time so rewarding. Finding out J is being deployed for half a year so has to miss out on so many of R’s firsts, being in a military relationship is hard enough but throw in babies, it’s ridiculous.

But even with all of that, looking back at the year, I’m so proud of myself and how far I’ve come. This time last year I’d just found out I was pregnant with a boyfriend on Christmas guard in a crappy flat and now I’m engaged in a lovely home with my baby boy and just celebrated our first Christmas. And even though I’ve had my lowest points, I’m still here, my family are happy, my cheeky little chubba chops in happy and healthy and I’m hoping I can keep up my hard work of working myself back up.

Usually I don’t really bother with resolutions because I’ve always though they’re pointless and I know I’d never stick to them but this year I do have some that I want to make and actually to stick to!

  1. Sort myself out mentally, build myself back up including my self confidence and self worth. I want to be able to feel good and be confident that I am a good mum and fiancé.
  1. Find a decent job to help provide for us all once my maternity leave finishes – as I’m now unemployed..
  2. Keep myself busy and try not to drop low when J is deployed – cherish the moments I get with him and R and the FaceTime calls even if they will be stupidly limited. I’ve got a holiday to look forward to when he’s home.
  3. Prepare for R’s first birthday (hahahah help)
  4. Probably won’t stick to this one but I want to lose my baby weight so I can actually feel more confident in my body because I’m so self conscious it’s unreal, I hate my body and I’ve got the goal of the holiday to work towards. Hopefully as R gets bigger and on the move, it’ll help more!
  5. Try to keep up with my blog, even if it’s once a month because I’m so bad at it but I hope to blog some of the deployment journey with my thoughts, feelings, etc.

This year has taught me to appreciate every little thing so much more and I’m so grateful that I have so much love in my life💙

So here’s to 2019, I’m hoping this will be a hell of a lot better than 2018!

Cadie xoxo

11th Day of Blogmas: OOTD

Technically this post is about Christmas jumpers and the Christmas Day OOTD but I didn’t actually get my jumper until Christmas Day so it’s slightly late..

Of course, I had to have a Harry Potter themed Christmas jumper which one of my friends was an absolute star and bought me! I’m Slytherin and my jumper was a Slytherin one, I was buzzing when I opened it, yes I am that sad.

But for Christmas Day, I teamed it with a standard pair of black leggings – I’ve managed to find some half decent ones that fit my legs (!!!!) and that aren’t that see through for £2.50 yes £2.50 from primark (saving the day again) and of course you need stretchy clothes on for the amount of food that is consumed for that day! Plus I’m a mum now, I live in baggy tops and leggings with a messy bun😂 I also had my new ‘first Christmas as a mummy socks’ on of course! Me and J did have matching mummy Claus and daddy Claus socks but I felt like I had to wear my socks my Mum got me.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any selfies that day, was too busy being the photographer of R’s first Christmas but here’s my jumper!!

Did you have any specific Christmas outfits? Show me them!

Cadie xoxo

10th Day of Blogmas: Favourite Gift

I know Christmas is about giving and family and love etc but everyone loves receiving gifts too! With it being my first Christmas as a Mummy, I was looking forward to just being able to spend it with my family and not expecting that much at all! But I was so spoilt, to be honest, we all were especially R!

Out of all of my gifts, I have an all time favourite from this year which was a poem in a frame with R’s hand prints on it that my Mum made for me. I cried reading it and although it was something so small and simple, I’ll cherish it forever and it made me appreciate more and realise I am doing a good job with R.

She also made me a box with R’s footprints on which was actually my gift to everyone for Christmas this year along with personalised socks and she didn’t want me to be left out and got me some too, she’s a gem💙 she also had this bear personalised and got my favourite sweets. The thought that went into it was unreal! I don’t know if you can read the poem properly but if you type into google ‘handprints’ you should be able to find it. It’s adorable.

I know you’re probably thinking surely J should’ve done this but he has limited time and money and isn’t that creative so my Mum took over!

What are your favourite gift/s?

Cadie xoxo

9th Day of Blogmas: Boxing Day Traditions

I have a moody fiancé after ‘dragging’ him up at ‘the crack of dawn’ to go Boxing Day sales shopping hahah. In fact I asked him if he’d possibly get up at 9 to go shopping and I actually let him stay in bed until 10 AND bought him breakfast…

ANYWAY, my Boxing Day traditions have always been to go sales shopping, come home, sort presents out and then a big family buffet tea. Of course I kept this tradition although it’s weird being the first Christmas my grandparents haven’t been around for Christmas and the first Christmas I’ve spent with J and R as well as family! So we did the standard shopping, coming home but because R got so many toys for Christmas, we had to take our tree down early!!! Heartbreaking I know right.. but we took the tree down, sorted R’s presents out, prepped the food for my family coming for tea because I (erm stupidly lol) offered to do the buffet at mine. Talk about stressful!

So now I’m sat with my feet up, with my bestie round with a big glass of wine whilst J is looking after R💙 I love Christmas holidays but it’s so tiring and I can’t wait for New Year!

Do you have any Boxing Day Traditions?

Cadie xoxo